Lunch menu


A menu of classic dishes for speedy lunch breaks at £15 for two courses or £19 for three.

Whipped feta, grilled cucumber

Rabbit, chorizo, pistachio rillettes

Brandade, salt cod, tomato

Mackerel , spiced chickpea, mint & feta salad

Middle white pork loin steak, black pudding, crispy bacon, tomato relish

Superfood salad with ricotta

Earl Grey panna cotta, shortbread, prune compote

Cherry parfait, cherry compote

Banana cake, rum & raisin  ice cream


Reading Material


You know that bit when you head east down the Thames and, particularly on the south side, it just looks like it all stopped one day in a fit of post-apocalyptic industrial desertion.

This excellent Tumblr finds the moments of aftermath, when things just ceased – from abandoned houses in Tasmania, the waterfront of a town no longer on the sea, to plane wrecks and decaying theatres.


Parties & private dining

The Little Room

Just because you can’t make it out to that lovely country house, doesn’t mean country house can’t come to you.  Private dining for up to 14, sharing menus for every occasion and all those mod-con meeting facilities neatly hidden away.

Browse all our spaces or our events department will be happy to help.


SE1 Insiders


It seems down on the Southbank at the moment the galleries are one-upping each other with great exhibitions – just as Martin Creed’s massive retrospective closes at the Hayward, the most complete collection yet of Matisse’s cut-outs opens at the Tate Modern.

When ill health stopped him painting, the aging giant of modern art began his final triumphant series by cutting into painted paper to make drafts for commissions, and instead found this ‘carving into colour’ to be a medium in its own right.  London is first on the list to host this once-in-a-lifetime show before the works head to New York and then back to their homes around the world.

Until 7th September at the Tate Modern, tickets £18


Kitchen hours

Mon – Fri

Lunch:  12pm – 3pm
Dinner:  6pm – 10.30pm


Brunch: 9am – 4pm
Dinner:  6pm – 10.30pm


Brunch:  9am – 5pm
Dinner:  6pm – 10pm

All day menu available throughout the afternoon.


Reading Material


Everything is measurable.  Quantifiable.  See how you can chart up your life in million different ways from infographic to a name and shame list of ‘yes’ votes on Kansas’ bill to allow refusal of service to same-sex couples.

There are techy maps, flow charts of what you’re allowed to do after sex, bar graphs of Power Rangers.  There are dinosaurs.  I Love Charts have found a way to value your entire day to day in a way even the DWP didn’t know was possible.

Want to hear from us?


Secret recipes


The finest exports from two thirds of NAFTA joined up in a multicultural sour.


50ml Mescal
15ml salted maple syrup
25ml lemon juice
10ml apple juice
10ml egg white

Shake it hard with cubed ice, and double strain into a chilled coupette.  Garnish with lemon peel.


SE1 Insiders


Perhaps best known for the controversy his works create about the question of contemporary art, such as the piece of Blu-tack or his Turner Prize win Work No. 227: the lights going on and off, Martin Creed is known for his minimalist, witty approach. In the first retrospective of his 25 year career, the Hayward Gallery brings together both rarely seen early works and some of his latest sculptural commissions.

As part of the Pull Out All of the Stops Festival, the Southbank Centre has commissioned Creed to a new work celebrating the restoration of the Festival Hall organ – don’t miss the series of performances scheduled to show off the new organ.

Tickets are £11, on ’til April 27th at the Hayward Gallery

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    After two rounds of fun, learn-as-you-drink tastings, Conviniality is back at Village East on Monday 24th February. This time around we are focusing on the Loire Valley, hosted by Dario Poddana from Les Caves de Pyrene, a wine company that specialise in natural wines and wines that reflect local terroir as there is minimal intervention [...] Read More

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Secret recipes


Speedy lunches are never as speedy as when someone else makes it for you – but if you’ve got time on your hands or the longest lunch hour this side of Spain, make it yourself.

1kg salted cod
500ml whole milk
250g potato
5 cloves garlic
800ml warm olive oil
sprig of thyme
1 bay leaf
chopped chives
salt, pepper & lemon juice to taste

1. Soak the cod fillet in water for 24 hours.
2. Trim the cod of any obvious bones etc. Place into a sauce pan with the potato, garlic, thyme, bay leaf, milk and bring to the boil. Simmer until the potatoes are cooked.
3. Drain everything reserving the milk. Pass the potatoes and the garlic through a ricer.
4. Over a low heat start to beat the olive oil and a little of the cooking milk into the mashed potato until you have the correct consistency.
5. Season to taste add the chives.

Express lunch menu available Monday – Friday, 2 courses £15, three for £19

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