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Brunch: 9am – 4pm
Dinner:  6pm – 10.30pm


Brunch:  9am – 5pm
Dinner:  6pm – 10pm

All day menu available throughout the afternoon.


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What’s the thinking behind blog ‘Weird Russia’? Covering an obscure amount of nonsensical Russian news like a bigger, colder, badder Buzzfeed it leaps nimbly from featuring poems written by Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the people of Crimea, to Craigslist personal ads from Yevgeny, Russia’s most eligible hitman bachelor, to videos of roadside rage (gun v. axe).

The ads around the page (Find True Love with Ukraine Woman Dynamic Response. Fast & Secure) only add to the absurdity of this website. Strangely addictive.


Parties & private dining

The Little Room

Just because you can’t make it out to that lovely country house, doesn’t mean country house can’t come to you.  Private dining for up to 14, sharing menus for every occasion and all those mod-con meeting facilities neatly hidden away.

Browse all our spaces or our events department will be happy to help.


Secret recipes

Alpine Cobbler

A drink for when you leave a winding road along the Riviera for a toasty chalet on a snowy hilltop – got the last taste of summer rounded off with the first ones of winter.

25ml Genepi
50ml Dolin Vermouth
Slice each of orange, lemon & grapefruit

Muddle the fruit in the base of a rocks glass, then add the rest of the ingredients and some crushed ice.  Give it a good churn with a bar spoon and top up with some more curshed ice.  Garnish with a furher slice of each fruit, alpine herbs and a few white grapes for good measure.

liza lou

SE1 Insiders


An evolution of Liza Lou’s works with glass beads, Solid / Divide explores the process of making, and the beauty of imperfection which comes from handcrafting – in particular, the subtle personal differences which reveal themselves in the repetitive activity of weaving.

Solid is never quite solid.

Until 18th January at the White Cube, Bermondsey

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    Once, not so long ago, our little wedge of London was a scrapbook of slums, rundown factories and destitution.  In fact, Bermondsey has pretty much always been a hotbed of disrepute – home to the most undesirable industries of industrial Britain, with the unfortunate folk to staff them. Anyhow. Now it’s not. There’s something, however, [...] Read More

    At last, we’re through the long nights and cold days, and the time of year that doesn’t afford us a single three day weekend, mini-escape, cause for lightweight celebration.  But here we are!  Easter is upon us, not just one short week, but two, with sun in the forecast and four whole days of weekend [...] Read More

    After two rounds of fun, learn-as-you-drink tastings, Conviniality is back at Village East on Monday 24th February. This time around we are focusing on the Loire Valley, hosted by Dario Poddana from Les Caves de Pyrene, a wine company that specialise in natural wines and wines that reflect local terroir as there is minimal intervention [...] Read More

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The Contemporist curates the lives we lead in the future we see in our dreams. You know, after we’ve secured the book deal for that novel we dream of writing in our spare time, and we have the resources to build a grand, remarkable house with an enviable view with the help of some of the world’s best architects.

We’ll probably build it from eco friendly, sustainable materials and there’ll definitely be an infinity pool. Anyway, we digress. In the short term, we’ll just carry on renting and drooling over Contemporist.

Secret recipes


10ml honey
20ml soya sauce
25ml peanut oil
1 tsp tomato ketchup
1 tsp Dijon mustard
1 clove garlic
1 thumb-sized piece ginger
Tabasco to taste
salt & pepper

Finely chop the ginger and the garlic, mix with the ingredients except the oil.  Whisk until smooth and then whisk in the oil to emulsify the vinaigrette.

Season and add a few drops of Tabasco to taste.

Made by FriendsOfOurs

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