anspach & hobday

Wednesday 14 June


We’re collaborating with local brewery Anspach & Hobday to bring you the first in a series of monthly beer tastings at Village East. Keeping it in the hood, and celebrating local talent is important to us Villagers. And so is drinking beer. Join us for an interactive and laid back tasting, food pairings from our new summer menu, and getting to know some local faces. Tickets cost £25.


London Wine Week


This month sees a special edition of our wine club for super fun people in conjunction with the first ever London Wine Week from the people behind the Cocktail Week we love so much.  We’re going to be debating the subtle and not so subtle differences in wines here and across the pond and tasting lots (and lots and lots) of examples of each.

The event takes places on Monday 2nd June and, as usual, includes the usual conglomerate of chit chat and top notch snacks.  Tickets are £16.50 and available here.


London Cocktail Week


Our kegs have been freely flowing with homemade gin concoctions for a few months now: a rotation of sparkling cocktails with combos  like lemon thyme, strawberry and basil, Earl Grey tea.

It’s been a great hit, so for London Cocktail Week we’re going to keep the barrels rolling with daily changing drinks on tap.  LCW wristbands wearers get our fountain cocktails for a whopping £4 – and they get you further £4 drinks at over 250 bars across London during the drinks world’s top event.


Winter warmers


Somethings need a classic recipe, that doesn’t change, that’s the goalpost by which you set all standards.  Somethings, however, grow and change with the years, becomes new, different, better.

This year’s mulled wine is happy marriage of red wine, fino sherry, tawny port, lovage cordial and our house spice mix of juniper, cardamom, orange and lemon peel, ginger and cinnamon.

At the bar until January, £6.50


Secret recipes


This summer, when Village East underwent not so much a light makeover but a full blown cosmetic surgery holiday abroad, we decamped up to the Sky Canteen where the Sky Cooler got its first run.  It was so well received, we’ve kept it ever since.


50ml Havana Club rum
10ml Monin pistachio syrup
25ml lime juice
75ml roasted coconut water

Dust the rim of a highball glass with grated coconut.  Fill with cubed ice and add all the ingredient.  Garnish with a wedge of lime.

Easy-peasy, summer breezy.

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