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When Suzie Moffat’s son was born with Down syndrome, she wanted to use her experience in the arts to meet individuals with the condition to help her understand better.  She discovered talented artists all over the world and became determined to see that their work was more widely celebrated.

The Reveal showcases the emotive and complex works of an international collective including the British surreal line drawer, Lester Magoogan and the work ‘Ruper Flying Over The Clifton Suspension Bridge’ which hangs in Prince George’s nursery.

March 17th to 22nd at the Menier Gallery


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We’ve all heard that statistic that there’s 87 000 miles or whatever or tunnels beneath London.  Heck, De Beauvoir’s Mole Man manages to fit 12 miles under one house! Anyhow, until the 9th of March, the Vaults near Waterloo station have a programme of events as diverse as London’s subterranean world has ever seen.

There’s theatre, live music, club nights (our favourite Artful Badger from the festival circuit) and comedy alongside a few late night lock-ins.

Tickets range from cheap as chips to upwards of £20, see the full listings here


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This exhibition of new work by Darren Almond is in fact two series of photographs,  Fullmoon and Present Form, alongside a group of small-scale bronze sculptures.  The whole lot sit together as a beautiful, ethereal collection, but it’s the photographs of disparate landscapes taken over a period of 13 years across every continent which are the showstoppers.

They’re classic and futuristic, savage and a bit terrifying.  Moreover, they find our need to capture the passing of time and how the earth does it for us.

Until 13th April at the White Cube Bermondsey


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Perhaps best known for the controversy his works create about the question of contemporary art, such as the piece of Blu-tack or his Turner Prize win Work No. 227: the lights going on and off, Martin Creed is known for his minimalist, witty approach. In the first retrospective of his 25 year career, the Hayward Gallery brings together both rarely seen early works and some of his latest sculptural commissions.

As part of the Pull Out All of the Stops Festival, the Southbank Centre has commissioned Creed to a new work celebrating the restoration of the Festival Hall organ – don’t miss the series of performances scheduled to show off the new organ.

Tickets are £11, on ’til April 27th at the Hayward Gallery

jerwood openforest

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Inner city dwellers are usually deprived of the joys of open air landscapes, but in this unique multi-sensory exhibition five artists have brought their 6 month long bodies of research in the forest to the Jerwood Space.  The initiative was an open call to artists in any discipline to see how contemporary art engages with the environment.

There’s a series of free evening events alongside the works of sculpture, film, audio and performance.

Free – now until 23 February 2014 at the Jerwood Space

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